IB Students' assignments

TÁG IBDP official forms for submitting students' assignments

12.IB Students - 2018-2020

1st March, 2019

Extended Essay-Subject and Supervisor’s Name

4th June, 2019

Group 4 project

20th September, 2019

Language A Hungarian Written Assignment

4th October, 2019

History Internal Assessment

11th October, 2019

Geography Field work written report (IA)

8th November, 2019

TOK Presentation and PPD

6th December, 2019

Extended Essay final deadline

20th December, 2019

Extended Essay viva voce

20th December, 2019

Extended Essay- Reflections on planning and progress form

10th January, 2020

TOK Essays

17th January, 2020

Mathematics Explorations (IA)

24th January, 2020

Biology Investigations (IA)

31st January, 2020

Computer Science Solutions (IA)

31st January, 2020

Chemistry Investigations (IA)

24th April, 2020

CAS portfolios